Frog Show Summer 2018 Best Trick Jam

What is the Frog Trade Show? It’s an annual event where all the brand reps from East Canada come together as a trade show to do business with shops with booths open to the public, dealing in person instead of behind a computer screen. Stuff skateboarders mostly don’t care about, unless they can get their hands on free shit.
But the main thing for us (skate nerds), was the best trick jam. This year it was in the blue bowl at the Spin Skatepark, South shore of Montreal.

Let’s cut the crap and get onto subject. While businessmen were dealing, four-wheeled nerds were warming up for the best trick. Phil Dulude was ready to come home with some cash, here with a frontside nosegrind.

Phil knows every corner of the bowl like his pockets.

Etienne Deshaies was on fire once again, and still had the half of his tickets to pay. Texas Plant.

Then a steezy Boneless.

Things got going quickly, Vans added that pool ladder to spice things up. Leon Chapdelaine, not impressed at all, backside noseblunt. 

Then frontside for the crowd.

…and accomplished the wishes of everyone, hippy jumping the ladder.

Jesse Ramirez needed money too, Judo on the ladder.

…and wall bash to disaster.

Ratpack loves to fly over things. Frontside grab.

Etienne Deshaies, after his first attempt over the ladder bailed straight to flat, and fucked up his wrist and ribs. Didn’t give up, came back a few minutes later with another Frontside Grab.

Matt Dupuis spiced things up with a Stalefish.

Phil Dulude was not ready to let the cash go, firing insane lines in the bowl with speed and style. Ollie over the hip taken from one of his slayings.

…and closed the deal with this alley-oop over the ladder, insanely sketchy.

Mathieu Thibault was stoked!

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