Ryan Gee Interview

“Gee was my favorite photographer to shoot with, he was my car buddy, my drinking buddy and my best friend! 20 years later and nothing change, Gee Rules!” -Kerry Getz

Bam Margera Roll up

Tell me your ID, and your skate background?
Ryan Gee, born and raised in northern New Jersey. Started skateboarding when I was 12 or 13. Got into videography while filming my friends skateboard, then got into photography. Moved to Philadelphia 24 years ago to pursue it more.

Your photography background?
Pretty much self taught, some help at first from fellow colleagues.

When did you realise that you would take pictures?
Around 1993 I think. Into my 3rd College semester.

Josh Kalis, Frontside Noseslide

Where does your inspiration come from?
Transworld Magazine images. Any images by Grand Brittain, Tobin Yelland Spike Jonze, Gabe Morford, Dave Swift etc..

What was your first and last piece of gear you’ve bought?
An old Mamiya camera, taped a video camera fisheye lens on it to get the fisheye effect. Last camera I bought was a Canon 5D MK2 8 Years ago, I need to upgrade sometime soon.

How do you go about the preparation of your shots?
I’ll go over the area and see what lens I should shoot with. Then I would determine what the best lighting set up to use. Maybe I’ll 1 or 2 flashes, or not. Maybe I would shoot black and white over color. It always varies.

Mike Maldonado, Melon grab

You were famous to be able to film video and take pictures at the same time, how did you end up doing that?
A lot of times I didn’t have a filmer with me. I also used to film. So I would do both at the same time. It was a bit hectic and took pratice. Glad it didn’t last that long.

Some advice for the kids who wanna start photography?
Be original. Especially with lighting and composition.

What are the good and bad sides of this passion?
The good was to travel the world for free. Most of the time it was with my good friends. Most of them were Pro or Am. The bad is being away from home a lot. That’s if you`re in the right position getting the opportunity to do so. Dealing with security and cops was always terrible.

Tim O’Connor, Frontside Ollie

3 things you love about photography?
Creating an awesome image that can never be duplicated, multiple flashes for unique lighting and shoothing in medium format film.

3 things you don’t like about photography?
Digital photography is too easy for someone starting out, bad compositions and bad lighting.

Kerry Getz, Boardslide

Matt Reason, Ollie

Without saying an exact ammount, can you give an idea of your annual earnings from photography?
In the early 2000’s I did very well for photography and videography combined. That’s all I’ll say.

Of your own work, what`s one of your favourites?
Probably Brian Wenning doing the switch backside 180 into the love gap.

Are you ready for a chomp on this 2?
Nah. Definitely not. Haha.

What`s up next for you?
Been working on a Love Park photo documentary for the past few years. Be on the look out for it. Hoping to do a gallery. Will keep people updated through my Instagram account @ryangee_photo

Brian Wenning, Switch backside 180

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Interview by Babas Levrai / All pictures by Ryan Gee

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