Help Pat Tremblay!

Our long time homie, Pat Tremblay has some serious health problem, and he needs our help right now!


My name is Melissa! I’m Pat Tremblay’s older sister

My little brother is an active man (skateboard, snowboard, velo). His life revolves around all this outside his work! He is alone and without children! But works a lot! He just got a new position in Mechanical Engineering for the city of Montreal! Has not completed his 3 months probation (he was for KenWorth before that)! He had achieved his goal of being in his field of work for the rest of his life!

But now on Wednesday, February 10, his feet start to numb. The next day even more numbness in the legs and hands/arms are involved! He doesn’t go to work because he doesn’t feel anything anymore!
Friday, almost impossible to walk…it is paralyzing him on a very quick time lapse! He thought of seeing a doctor on Saturday morning. Finally, his roommate decides to take him to the emergency room of the Lasalle hospital, because he is unable to drive. Now half his face is also paralyzed.

They have done some tests but find that the problems are neurological, probably SGD, Guyllain Barré syndrome!

They then decided to transfer him to the Montreal Neurological Institute!
They gave him a lumbar puncture because it was the only way to get a reliable diagnosis.

So today the diagnosis is out! He has the SGD! He is still so paralyzed. Can’t get up alone, can’t even to go to the bathroom! Right now he has lost all autonomy!

He has to pass tests, check the state of his nervous system!

Doctors believe (if all goes well) that he could be out within 7-10 days if he responds well to the treatment (solute to replace his hemoglobin to help attack the virus) because before he can get out, he must regain his sensations and movements!

But then we are talking about several weeks in a rehabilitation center!

So my goal is to help him! For not having completed his probation at his new job.
He will have to apply for unemployment. We all know that there is minimum 1 week waiting periods and that the salary falls to 55%. But he still has bills to pay that are far from covered with unemployment!

This way, I hope to help him focus on getting back on his feet by reducing his monetary burden!

Just a simple $5-10 could make a great difference for him!

He didn’t know I’d leave him a GofoundMe…that is my initiative! But I know that my brother is very well surrounded, by many people who love him! So here we go!

I will provide updates on further developments.

Many thanks to all those who will participate!


Words from Melissa Tremblay

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