10 best Ted Talk about skateboarding

If you never heard about these “Ted Talks”, it’s an organisation who does inspiring public talks from people all around the world. You can have some financial advice, isoteric or hacking demo, from famous to unknown people talking about their niche. Of course, skateboarding is a part of it, and here are the 12 best Ted Talk about it. Perfect for this down time during winter.


Dr. Tae is a skateboarder, videographer, scientist, and teacher. Contrasting his observations of his own learning while skateboarding with the reality that is the current education system,
Dr. Tae provides some insight as to how we might better educate in the future.

Of course everybody knows Rodney Mullen which is widely considered to be the most influential in skateboarding history. He shares with humility and passion how the constant search for improvement has
led to outstanding innovations and
how we can all learn from lessons of great skateboarders.

Mike Smith is the founder and director of Skate for Change, a group of skateboarders committed to serving and giving back to the low-income and homeless. Smith’s work brings together two disenfranchised groups for social change. In this talk, he describes the inspiration behind his work, the support he has received, and the impact that a small group can have in the world. and this one is probably the most inspiring of the series.

Creating a safe place in town where skaters can “pop ollies” is a passion for Josh Nims. A decade ago, skateboarders in Philadelphia were under attack. A ban on skating in LOVE Park, the internationally renowned shredding paradise, turned the city’s public spaces into dangerous ground. But just as the movement against skateboarding gained momentum, an advocacy group sprung into action. Since 2000, Josh has been working with the Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund, along with co-founders Bryan Lathrop and Brian Nugent, to build and advocate for skateparks. It’s a skillset that combines a talent for raising money, a taste for politics and city planning, and a knack for community building. Today, Paine’s Park is a meeting place for the city and one of Philadelphia’s finest and most inclusive public spaces. Josh Nims is a lifelong skateboarder with an affinity for politics and city planning. He is co-founder of the Franklin’s Paine Skatepark Fund and operations manager for the Schuylkill River Development Corporation, where he works to revitalize and redevelop the lower Schuylkill River and reconnect it to Philadelphia’s urban core.

Another great one, from the father of modern street skating,
Rodney talking this time about context shapes content.
its his third appearance in the Ted Talks, and surely not his last one.

Sebastian Linda shows how skateboarding trained and taught him about his approach to life. Thereby,
he transforms the trying and failing of skateboarding to his creative work as an audiovisual artist.
In his presentation, Sebastian shows how to embrace what you love to do and how it helps you to become what you want to become.
Sebastian Linda is a passionate audiovisual artist and motivational speaker.

Abhishek is one of the founders of the Holystoked Collective which is the first and largest skateboarding crew in India. He talks about getting social welfare sourced and funded by communities. Abhishek is a musician,lawyer, visual effects artist, entrepreneur and a skateboarder. He is one of the founders of the Holystoked Collective which is the first and largest skateboarding crew in India. Currently he is involved in building free skateparks around India ,promoting his company and skateboarding as a sport and lifestyle. and he talk about how building your spots is a special thing to do.

Miles Jackson is the Co Founder and Executive Director of Cuba Skate and travels back and forth to Cuba on a regular basis to support and help grow the island’s emerging skate communities. He’s also a Board member for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) and a member of the International Skateboarding Federation’s (ISF) Global Development Committee. What inspires you to give back? Miles Jackson of Cuba Skate employs skateboarding as a tool for cultural diplomacy, diabetes awareness, and service to our communities.

Maen Hammad didn’t expect to start a social movement when he traveled to the West Bank – but after engaging with the youth and community, he saw a need for engagement. He tells the story of how, armed with his skateboard (an unlikely tool!) he connected with a new generation. Maen’s main professional and academic interests focus on the many interactions, most especially, at the personal level, of international affairs. As a proud alumnus of MSU, his expertise revolves around the Middle East and North Africa as he is pursuing his Master’s at George Washington University. He is enthusiastic about independent filmmaking and photojournalism in hopes to document the human effect of international conflict.

Oliver Percovich first skated in an empty pool at the age of six, while growing up in Papua New Guinea. In 2007 Oliver moved to Afghanistan from Australia when his girlfriend took a job in Kabul. Bored, he would skate the beleaguered city, and became a sort of pied half-piper, attracting street kids that would follow him around and ask for rides. Shortly after, Oliver founded Skateistan, a grassroots ‘Sport for Development’ project on the streets of Kabul. Today, Skateistan is now an award-winning international organisation with projects in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. The organisation is the first international development initiative to combine skateboarding with educational outcomes. Skateistan is non-political, independent, and inclusive of all ethnicities, religions and social backgrounds, offering both skating and general education classes for over 1000 boys and girls each week.

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