BIG BILL Best Trick 2020

We’ve started 2020 by throwing our first event ever ! The Montreal premiere of the new Thomas Campbell opus “Ye Olde Destruction”, followed by a 1000$ best trick contest on the freshly revamped mini ramp designed by Barry Walsh and Marc Tison very much inspired by the Stadium Pipe shape. It wasn’t our best move to make it on a snow storm day, but it didn’t stop the people from coming. That’s a real Montreal’s vibe.

TRH Bar staff warming up before the crowd arrival.

“Ye Olde Destruction” on screen now, hopefully it has inspired people to build their own spots and to always have fun on four wheels.  

Time to make some cash, JD our host was on fire, and probably lost his voice for us.

Decks were stacked, not much room for chilling.

Ratpack attacked the extension straight up.

Crow was hyped on that.

Gab Proulx did his usual stunts, here Back smith stall on the extension.

Then nosepick.

..and his classic Miller flip, while someone was ready to sneak him.

I guess it paid off.

Pat Tremblay was on fire that night, with sweet lines, after severals injuries last years, his come back was a pleasure. 

This photo is not accurate, he made at least 20 more of these green paper that night.

Julien Gagnon who was still in the U.S. a few hours prior to the event, made the show, like always. Blunt flip out.

I don’t know exactly how much Raph Seguin won, but he was definitly the richest man that night, with a lot of lines and tech tricks. Alley Oop to Frontside Disaster, from low to high.

J.D. was hyped.

Believe me or not, but that box was full of gear a couple of seconds before.

That was a good night!

Thanks to all who came, and all our sponsors who made this possible:

Photos by Babas Levrai
Video Filmed by Luis Vado and edited by Sebastian Hobble

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