Pipe Madness – Vans Park Series Best Trick

The legendary spot that you have to skate before you die (CF Thrasher) from Montreal, Aka the Big O, aka The Pipe,The Sifflet, has been invaded by The Vans Park Series, offering a $1600 Best Trick. Probably the best sesh so far for 2019 at the pipe. It was a pure madness.

Hundreds of people, the pipe was packed.

It’s not a big secret, the Brazilian delegations are maniacs, and killed it, here with Luiz Mariano, Bs 180 Fakie five O.. to fakie in the transition. Photo Erik Lemay

Tristan Rennie is no stranger to Montreal, Backside Noseblunt Revert.

Camper, Andy Hopkins, Frontside Ollie.

While Phil Dulude was killing the contest, his little bro Math Dulude took care of the best trick. Smith… not impressed by the adults.

Prodigy, Leon Chapdelaine, Noseblunt slide the Phelps to flat. Before the eyes of Omar Hassan.

Later on, CJ Collin followed Leon with the same trick.

Then requested by Conor Neeson, Backside Noseblunt slide for the fans.

Marc Tison hosted some guest at home this day.

Vincent was on his routine.

Barry Walsh showed some ropes to the kids. photo Erik Lemay

Yndiara Asp is gnarly, and not impressed by the pipe. Fast Plant.

And then, Handplant.

MVP Riley Boland completly destroyed the pipe. After a quick drop from the roof to the transition (missed it sorry) to get the first buck, he was on duty to show some good skateboarding. Frontside Nosegrind.

And then Backside.

Flying to the moon.

From the lip on right, Mute to fakie landed a the edge on left.

Photo Erik Lemay

Another great day at the pipe. Thanks to all who came, and thanks to Vans for the show.

Photo by: Babas Levrai, Except mentioned.

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