Frog Trade Show – Volcano Best Trick

This Thursday, at the Spin Skatepark, the good people at “The Frog Trade Show”, step up their “best tricks” game with a 1000$ Challenge on the Volcano spot. Needless to say, that was a natural selection of skaters who can skate the gnarliest spots, A.K.A, the best skaters from Montreal were present this night.

As usual, Kids were ready for the show.

Under the surveillance of MC Belanger.

As a warm up, Phil Dulude started with some ollie. In the 90s, Thrasher would put it on a cover.

Gab Proulx was also there to grab some 20s, with that Alley Oop Frontside Grab.

Professional Hugo Balek, was not there to be a part of the background, Foot Plant Finger Flip to Tail.

And then, Tail Bash on the pole.

Freshly back from Europe, Etienne Deshaies was powered up to get some at home.

Jet Lag Five O Fakie

MVP Phil Dulude, started to spice things up, with some airs. Indy Grab.

And then, Tail smash the pole.

And to be sure to make money tonight, 50-50 on the pole, landed disaster on the deck.

Professional Hugo Balek, though it was not gnarly enough, and decided to spice things up, with a table on the deck.

Gab Proulx took the opportunity with an Alley Oop Nosepick to fakie.

Then a crooked battle started between Balek and Dulude. Judges said the first who land it, will cash 200$. Dulude take it away. Sorry Hugo!

Phil Dulude MVP, and loaded.

It was another great night with the Frog boys. as extra fun bonus, Etienne Deshaies with a Texas Plant.

And a Backside Noseblunt.

Thanks Everybody!

Text & Photos: Babas Levrai

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