Go Skate day 2019 – Philadelphia

Because of cops and security guards, Philadelphia is one of the most difficult city to skate but this is not a  reason for locals not to celebrate the Go Skate day like anybody else. 2019 GSD sneaking spots edition.

skaters: kevin bilyeu
kevin liedtke
kris brown
paris summerville
carson reuther
chris falo
nazir wayman
devin flynn
john valentin
jon pine
ryan chaney
jamie foy
andrew meyer
keith debottis
lucas yanez
jamal smith
kris arnold
toly bitny
sam parker
efron danzig
quentin king
sean spellissy
anthony candelori
ted siciliano
henry pham
walt wolfe
jake cuadrado
mark clause
mike ward
tyler dietterich
dylan tourbeer
nick bradian
brandon gee
colby bilotta
neil herrick
steven lancello
patrice southerland
eddie shipesky
ricky geiger
ryan higgins
brian panebianco
andrew meyer
tracy gorman
aj mac
sam parker

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