Go Skate Day 2019 – Montreal

As you know it, the 21st June is all about skateboarding. Some gotta skate hard, some gotta chill, some gotta support the homies. As you know it, on this day skateboarders gotta do what they gotta do. Our traditional GoSkateDay in Montreal, is about having fun at the P45, skate, eat, meet, greet. And like each year, it didn’t fail.

Folks were ready!

Fred Khun, freshly back from skating vert in Australia, was trying his new flying skills at home. Alley hoop frontside grab.

And then Indy grab.

Gab Proulx, Stale Fish.

Alex Vaillancourt, quit his garbage can of a boardslide transfer.

Marc Tison tuned some classy playlist. not a single song wrong.

BBQ was on fire, Thanks Vans for feeding the beast.

This year was extremely great, especially for a bigger and better presense from our girls on wheels. Fred Luyet, casual Transfer Lipslide.

Dina Catalucci, Nollie Smith Grind, slashed like a surfer.

Dali St-Louis worked her ass off on this Boardslide Transfer, and took many mean slam. but never quit, hard work always pays off.

Gabriel De Lery, Backside Noseblunt for the crowd..just kidding, it was for me, cause I love that trick !

Outlaw Pirate, Solli Rojas was going 3x faster than everybody else. Frontside grab.

Max Gauvin, kickflip to fakie on the island, thin launching and landing.

Live music is always great, Jeremi Dallaire AKA “Bottleneck Jay” the one man band show.

Jay is also a great skater, and was able to skate while he as playing music. Casual Feeble Grind.

You can’t be wrong when you skate an OG board, Remi Gendron-Roy, Fast plant.

Another great day at the P.

Thanks to everyone who came, and support our local scene!

Photo & Words: Babas Levrai

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