Issue #5 is now out

Love Skate mag Issue #5 IS NOW OUT.
-Traffic in Japan  : The traffic is upside down in here.
-Etienne Deshaies  : A pirate with a sweet heart.
-Brian Panebianco  : He got love for Philly.
-How to be an asshole?: And you thought you were a good boy at the spot!
-Bail gun: 50%  50% U.S.  100% East Coast.
-Static Tales: The East Coast skate fairy tale.
-Young G: Alex the smooth criminal.
On the cover: Max Wasungu, 14 year old, Boardslide a razor sharp shaped rail, Montreal .
♻️100% recyclable ♻️

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  1. Thamara says:

    Hi ! Good morning. ( my english it so so). I would like to know. How can i have three other issues 5, spring 2019. Because my son ( young G) Alex-W. Agenor was in. And i want it because went Alexandre wast yonger hi toll me: “plus tard maman, c’est ça que je veux faire”. And this year it is into your 💕SUPER MAG LOVE.💕Wow! I am so Pround of Him. With so determination, love and happiness. Wow! 🏃Thank for support my son. ☺🌞. If you can find me 3 or 4 other issues#5 it would like faboulous and very appreciate. My information are : Thamara Alexandre. 821 Avenue George – V. Lachine, Québec. H8S 2R9. my e-mail : Thank you. (Im gonna pay for the issues ).
    Or can i have an autorisation to copie your mag at Bureau en Gros. Thamara. 🌞

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