The best 18 Skateboarding Podcasts to listen

The beauty of skating is that you’re always surrounding yourself with interesting people who have interesting stories. The beauty of podcasting is that it’s taking those stories out of the session, and onto the internet so everyone can hear them. Thanks Google!

New skateboarding podcasts and shows are literally popping up every month. So it’s easy to go into tunnel vision and just stick to the first one you heard. It’s like a menu with too many options, you stick to what you know you like. But we’re here to get your head out of the gutter and introduce you to some new content.

We’ve definitely missed some, sorry. Don’t come for us, just tell us what you’ve been listening to. Or go start your own.

The Nine Club:
We’ll start off with the obvious heavy hitter. Coming up on their three year anniversary, The Nine Club has over 140 episodes and is probably the most recognizable skate podcast out there right now. Started by Chocolate pro Chris Roberts and Roger Bagley and featuring Kelly Hart, the podcast has over 100k followers for their weekly audio and filmed episodes where they’re literally hanging out in Roger’s living room talking with skaters about their careers. They also record the Nine Club Experience every two weeks and chat about industry news, video parts, answer fan questions and do unboxings. Real Youtube stuff.


The Bunt :
Canadian skaters Cephas Benson and Donovan Jones originally wanted to start a podcast entirely dedicated to sports. But lucky for us, The Bunt was born thanks to their friends in the Canadian skate scene. If you like a more conventional interview format and a lot of air horns, this is the podcast for you. Though it’s primarily a skateboarding podcast with local and heavy hitter guests, they sprinkle some other sports in there too. You can also find written interviews on their website.


Vent City :
One of the newer skate podcasts is Vent City, hosted by probably the most diverse group of people ever, and that’s what makes it so good. Here’s who’s involved: Welcome pro and Skate After School co-founder Ryan Lay, Rogers pro Ted Schmitz, art historian and Instagram skate critic Ted Barrow, English and Creative Writing professor Kyle Beachy and executive director of Skate Like a Girl Kristin Ebeling. Real talks, strong opinions, interviews and more.


Skate Radio :
Where to start this one. First off, RIP Jake Phelps. He left his mark on literally every angle of skateboarding and his legacy will never be forgotten. Thankfully to add to his memory is the Thrasher editor-in-chief’s Skate Radio. Just like his skating and outlook on life, his interviews are completely unfiltered and unafraid. Over the span of 63 episodes, Phelps talked with skaters about their careers, life and their favourite music.


The Tim O’Connor Show:
Chances are if you follow skateboarding, you can recognize Tim O’Connor’s voice. From his days in the CKY crew to riding for Venture and Habitat, he’s been named one of the funniest, and most honest, voices in skateboarding. After hosting skate contests around the world for years, he’s transitioned to podcasts. The Tim O’Connor Show is just as wild as his personality, talking to pro skaters about their careers and whatever he’s in the mood to talk to them about, however he wants to talk. It’s been over a year since he’s put out a new episode, but he’s gone on breaks before so hopefully this one comes back soon.


Mostly Skateboarding :
Short, catchy, over. That was the original format for skater and artist Templeton Elliot’s podcast Mostly Skateboarding, which consisted of short first-person stories by pro skaters. Since recently resurrecting the project after a two year break, episodes are back with more guests, longer segments and in a conversational format, hearing more from Templeton.


Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding :
I mean, we could all listen to Jeff Grosso talk for hours, don’t try and deny it. Whether you agree with him or not, you can’t help but listen. His series with Vans is no exception. The vert legend has been doing Love Letters since 2011, and it’s only gotten better. Talking about all his favourite things about skateboarding from people, places, things, he has an opinion on it all. Memorable quotes strong opinions, interviews and no filter, you’re basically watching a short documentary. Just with more swearing.


All I Need :
Probably one of the oldest skate podcasts around, All I Need is hosted by Anthony Shetler, former World Industries pro who’s been around forever. He’s always been candid about how skateboarding saved his life, so he turned to mic over to pros and local skaters in his area to let them share their stories. Sketchy audio and no real format hasn’t changed at all over the years, and neither has his enthusiasm. We can’t imagine this one ending any time soon.


BS With TG:
Legendary skateboarding pioneer and musician Tommy Guerrero has always been at the center of skateboarding culture, and since 2015 he’s been sharing it through his podcast BS With TG. With no preparation or agenda, the talks are always new and real, never dull, clearly two friends hanging out talking shit and having a laugh. We already love listening to his music, and we love listening to his podcast too.


Savage Radio :
Former World Industries and Deca pro Enrique Lorenzo is synonymous with Barcelona skating, putting Spain on the map as one of the world’s skate mecca’s. Now the owner of Louw Skateboards, he still lives in Barcelona, where he is also podcasting. Only two episodes in, Savage Radio is still in early days, but so far the conversations have been great, we’re excited to see where this one goes. Don’t worry, it’s in english.


The Big Spin :
For all the francophone skaters out there, Big Spin is the first, and biggest french podcasts right now. Former editor-in-chief of Maelstrom and SuGaR Magazine Seb Charlot talks to skaters and other industry leaders in the french skateboarding scene. Two seasons in, the podcast consistently puts out great interviews. If you speak french, this is an awesome podcast to get a perspective on what’s going on in France’s skating world right now.


The Desiree Show :
Let’s hear it for the ladies! Desiree Astorga goes live hosting a weekly radio show The Desiree Show, talking about her two favourite things: skateboarding and football. Catch her talking to pro skaters and NFL players in-studio or taking the show on location to locker-rooms and contests, chatting about whatever’s going on in the industry at the time. The photographer, producer and host is really more of a reporter, getting deep with her guests uncovering stories, and how they got to where they are now.


Mission Statement :
EMB plaza legend and former pro Lee Smith has left his mark on San Francisco skating. Not to mention bringing the iconic San Francisco based FTC skate shop to Barcelona. He continues to push skating forward with his podcast Mission Statement, which is now 11 episodes in, where he interviews a variety of skaters about whatever comes up related to skateboarding past and present.


Thrill of it All :
The Chief is in the podcasting game. Legendary skater Jamie Thomas (Toy Machine, Zero) talks to guests varying from pros, to company owners and everything in between about what got them into skating, what inspires them, stories they’ve shared together, and how the status of skateboarding is evolving. Thrill of it All was short lived, but hopefully coming back soon with more guests that make you want to go out and do something with your life.   


Skate Fillet :
Yea this podcast looks like it’s recorded over facetime from various bedrooms, which we think it might be, but it’s pretty damn good. Skaters and friends Andrew Arellano, Grant Fiero and Mike Medina post weekly episodes of Skate Fillet, talking about what’s going on in skating from new videos, who’s going pro, who they’re liking and everything in between. These guys seriously know whats up, and go pretty in-depth with insights from a non-industry perspective on the skate world.


Weekend Buzz :
Now in the skate interview archives, The Ride Channel’s Weekend Buzz was the original round table interview series. Writer Robert Brink, producer, videographer and photographer Lee Dupont and brand & marketing specialist Erica Yary were joined by pro skaters sharing beers and sharing stories. Uncovering the truth behind wild stories and careers, episodes were always full of the unexpected, and never boring.

The series ended about two years ago, but Brink is still in the game, organizing and hosting live panels and podcasts. His latest podcast in collaboration with Creative + Cultural was a live discussion with female skaters making their mark on the industry. According to Brink, there will be more of these coming.


Talkin’ Schmit :
California skate filmer Schmitty covers it all on Talkin’ Schmit. With episodes every Tuesday, he brings on guests from the skating world as well as other people he’s gotten to know along the way. Talking about skating, music, meditation, drugs, and whatever else comes up, he’s got friends from every aspect of life. Lucky for us, they’re all pretty interesting and entertaining to listen to.


Ripride :
I mean… what else do we have to say here other than that it’s hosted by Andy Roy. The former Antihero pro, Thrasher King of the Road motivator and skateboarding figure started a podcast and it’s exactly what you’d expect. But better. No filter, great stories from Andy and his guests, he has a real talent for hosting an interview. Ripride is perfect mix of his  wild personality and real conversations and opinions about skateboarding culture and careers. It’s four episodes in and we honestly can’t wait for more.

Words by Sasha Zeidler

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