Vans Vanguards Montreal

On the International women’s day, Vans launched an event “Vans Vanguards”, where in every city, girls are reunited for a day. In Montreal, Annie Guglia took care of the business, and put out no more than 80 skater girls at the Spin skatepark for the second edition. It’s always motivating to skate with your homies, needless to say that the girls were on fire.
Free shoes, Pizzas, Skirtboarders retrospective, and good vibes : always the best combo for a good day.

Annie Guglia, Skirtboarders Vet, practicing her pocket tricks. Hurricane.

Camille Lanctot-Goulet, was on fire, and definitly made some scary moves through the night. Double grab Boneless.

Then a Wallride to fakie.

And here with a grab over that gap.

Lily-Rose Chouinard, 9years old, 10k followers, with a bright future. Back D in the corner.

And then grabbing over the spine.

And Backside Disaster Transfert on that same spine.

Louise Henault-Ethier, Wife, Mother of 2, Scientist still keep some time to slash some coping around.

Chloe Morin, Backside lipslide, easy peasy.

Emily Watson, Back smith on the extension

Fred Luyet, Hubba lay back boardslide.

Samantha Secours, needs no help at all. Boardslide.

And then TreFlip First T, every T.

And closing the night with that kickflip over the gap.

The Skirtboarders, its 17 years of girl skaters history in Quebec. And the new generation is coming.

Support your local girl skaters.

Photos: Babas Levrai / Annie Guglia

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