Projet45 Halloween 2018

Due to the rainy/coldy meteo, People at P45 had to move the annual Halloween Sesh to November 4th, You can call it a regular sesh as well if you want, Every excuses are good to grill some meat,
and rolling with the homies.

Building a DIY is a thing, keeping it clean is another one. Cowboy Jean was on duty.

I just had the time to park my car, doing a couple of carving, and Louka Proulx was already starting the day, with that boardslide revert. He started his slide from further spine.

And then transfert backside tailslide, easy peasy.

No BAKU, but Etienne Deshaies trying his new trick, kind of Dog Piss Sweeper.

Gangster Backside Disaster. If you ever tried to skate this thing, you know how it’s gnarly.

Pepe Vaillancourt, Backside Boneless

Frank Cremer, got out of the pocket bowl, Transfer on the Tombstone.

Fred Luyet, Transfert Disaster on the Volcano

Jayden Sauvé, Transfer the spine, whereas you were still playing with lego at this age.

Hugues Lauzier, Classic OG Salad Grind.

Damien Roullier, Backside Smithed the Pole Jam.

Then Louka Proulx was suited on, for a Volcano party.

I Couldn’t choose between the frame, so here are the 3 frames of this Boneless Tail Smash.

Jay Dallaire, was on a Woodstock vibe, Five O up.

Jean Brunelle can’t skip a daily grind, Smith Grind in the tightest pocket you could skate.

BBQ was firing as usual.

Monk was pleased by his day.

Another great day at P45.

Photos by Babas Levrai & Monk Lavoie.
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