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Ratpack – Love part

Remi Aubé AKA “Ratpack”, longtime underground dog from Acadie,  shred Montreal like it was his last day on earth. ol’ famous BigO got slapped. Produced by: Love Skate mag Facebook/Instagram: @loveskatemag Supported by: Filmed & edited by: Babas Levrai Visual Effects …

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A.W.O.L. : Louisiana

Etienne Deshaies and friends, took his minivan to U.S. to escape winter. Camping, beer, weed and skateboarding on the menu. First stop: Louisiana! facebook/instagram: @loveskatemag Supported by:

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Xtra Love – Volume One

Xtra Love – Volume One a skateboard video made with love. Featuring: Jessy Jean-Bart, Matt Dupuis, Zack Denbow, François Nadon-Jaouen, Alex Fortin, Mohawk, Charles Deschamps, Simon Gagnon, Felix Patry, Shogo Shimizu, Gabriel Jeanson, Julien Leclerc, Jimmy Bisson, Alex Noel, Vince Baldo, Solli …

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